The Sword Experience

TSE Image Release Form


During the ticket purchase process, you will be asked to confirm that you have read and understand the following Image Release Form:

As a direct or indirect participant in the Adrian Paul Sword Experience, I hereby grant to Celestial Group d/b/a The Sword Experience, nonexclusive royalty-free license to use my personal likeness or image(s) for promotional, educational, instructional, and public service purposes, including publication of the images on The Sword Experience and related web sites to promote and/or memorialize The Sword Experience from the location in which I was in attendance, which are accessible via the Internet.
I further grant permission for the images(s) to be obtained from the website and used without further permission by any of the Sword Experience staff, or participants of the Sword Experience for advertisements, presentations, and related promotional campaigns, as well as by any governmental until in web pages and presentations.
I understand that the Sword Experience site contains a Copyright Statement reminding users not to infringe copyright, and an image Use Statement requiring users of images taken from the web site to use images only when accompanied by the photographer credit and copyright notice, but I agree not to hold The Sword Experience or its managers, directors, employees or agents responsible for enforcement of those provisions or for unauthorized use of images by third parties.
This license shall be continuing with no limitations or reservations excepting those stated herein. I certify that I am fully authorized to grant this license as the sole copyright owner of my image(s), and that the uses granted by this license do not infringe upon any copyright owned by another.