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the inaugural european tour
July 16 -30, 2017
Ireland | England | Scotland | France

For over a year, the Sword Experience has taken over wineries, temples, convention halls, and museums. Each venue has provided our participants with a unique encounter, but nothing will be quite like taking over an entire continent…

Yeah, you read that right. This summer, the Sword Experience will be doing it’s first continental trek, and we want you to join us as we journey across Europe. 

We start the clashing of bokkens at Ireland’s Trim Castle, where you just might hear the echoes of “FREEEEEDOM!” as you train in the exact same filming location as Mel Gibson’s Braveheart.

Test your mettle as you immerse yourself in the storied history of the Warwick Castle in England - a structure that has endured raging fires, sieges, and centuries of wear, only to come out stronger after each event.

Scotland plays home to Hopetoun house, where you'll feel yourself traveling through the centuries, honing your abilities in the filming location for Starz’ Outlander.

Come along for our first ever French event as we take on what might be the most appropriate location ever to host a Sword Experience - Chantilly Chateau, which played host to Highlander: the Series during the second season.

And finally, you’ll wind down in southern France’s remarkable Loire Valley. The Château d’Amboise, which gained the favor of Kings Louis XI, Francis I, Charles VIII and everyone in between. It will become your training ground.

You can join us for one Sword Experience, or, join the Great Britain Tour, or our French Experiences. Better yet take the whole European Tour that promises to be the most immersive Sword Experience you’ll ever take part in. 

While you’ll be learning many of the techniques used in your favorite movies, you can also add to each, or all, of the Sword experience venues with a tour of the surrounding city, where you’ll get to enjoy the secrets of the likes of Dublin, Warwick, Paris and Edinburgh. We can also arrange flight and coaches, to and from each Sword Experience, along with hotel accommodations so you can relax both before and after your training.

You’re about to embark on an unforgettable adventure, where only a few people can claim to have trained and taken in centuries of history and a rich culture from all over Europe in a tour that only happens once in a lifetime.

We’ve begun our preparations for the summer. We suggest you do the same. See you in July.

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