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September 2017, the humidity was high. Temperatures hadn't cooled down. Participants joined Adrian Paul to learn some of the moves from one of the most iconic Japanese sword fights ever filmed.

Highlander star Adrian Paul took his world renowned Sword Experience to Musikhalle in Stuttgart, Germany. Rich history surrounded the participants as they swung, parried, dodged, and ducked.
Paris was the last stop of the Inaugural, Sword Experience Tour in 2017. Spectacular city. Spectacular location, just outside Paris at the Grand Ecuries De Chantilly. The Royal horse stables that once housed over 230 horses.

Edinburgh, Scotland | 7/23/17
An Outlander fight learned and earned in the misty, sometime wet, day at Hopetoun House in Scotland. A location where the series actually filmed.

Warwick, England 7/19/17
The seat of power in England for centuries, where Oliver Cromwell's death mask hangs in one of the armor filled halls, played host to The second leg of the Sword Experience Tour in 2017.

Wawick, England 7/19/17
Reflections from the "first time with a sword in my hand" participants, on a day out in England's ever changing weather.

Castle Trim, Ireland 7/16/17
The Sword Experience travels to Trim Castle to savor the feeling of a Braveheart fight!

Castle Trim, Ireland 7/16/17
After a 5 hour session of sweat, work and laughter, people talk about what this first Sword Experience castle event was like.

Knoxville TN 6/24/17
The largest single Sword Experience Convention event to date!
Participants found out not only what it was like to train with the sword, but also how to work in front of a green screen.

Dallas TX 6/18/17
Testimonials and thoughts from our Participants!

6/18/17 Dallas
The heat and the beauty of the location made this a different sword experience.
Participants worked around a beautiful lake and pristine grass in a multi million dollar property.

New Zealand - Wellington & Tauranga
5/28 & 6/3/17
Armageddon hosted the Sword Experience in the Wellington arena and the result was a move back to Highlander The Vampire.

Tauranga NZ 5/28/17 | Wellington NZ 6/23/17
The beauty of New Zealand is backdrop to the first Sword Experience in New Zealand!

2017 European Tour!

Adrian Paul gives his thoughts on the First European Sword Experience Tour to Dublin, Ireland, and how the Sword Experience has grown from its inception.

Adrian Paul talks about making Warwick the home of one of the locations on the first Sword Exprience Tour.

Adrian Paul talks about the The Inaugural Sword Experience Tour outside Edinburgh. Scotland

Adrian Paul explains the Tour in Paris and the Sword Experience event in the Magnificent stables at the Chateau of Chantilly.

Adrian Paul, star de la Series "Highlander' explique The Sword Experience.

Past 2017 Events

Salt Lake City 3/17/17 - Part 1
(Sword Training and finale from the fight scene of Jet Li's "War")

Salt Lake City 3/17/17 - Part 2

Cherry City Comic Con - Salem, Oregon
4/8 -4/9/17

Calgary 4/30/17
The Sword Experience in Calgary goes three floors high.

Cheyanne, WY 5/12/17
A journey into A Mask of Zorro fight in the city of Cheyenne.

Past 2016 Events

A compilation of some of the places the Sword Experience visited in 2016. Thanks to all of you who made the inaugural year so much fun.

12/3/16 Lakeland FL