The Sword Experience

TSE Terms & Conditions


During the ticket purchase process, you will be asked to confirm that you have read and understand the following Terms & Conditions:

RULES: We hate them, but they are necessary.

1. BE AWARE: Currently, The Sword Experience uses wooden training swords, these too can cause injury. For your safety, and the safety of those around you, it is imperative that you maintain the safe distance between yourself and other people as directed by your instructor. Look and study your surrounding to ensure no one will be struck by you and that you are not struck by anyone.

2. PAY ATTENTION to all instructions being given by members of the Sword Experience staff. They are there to guide and help you, not try to talk over your discussions.

3. NEVER come to a Sword Experience event, under the influence of alcohol, drugs, of any kind. It will result in termination of your attendance with only a 50% refund on your ticket. Don't waste your money.
4. WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHING and comfortable shoes, much like you would going to the gym so that you can have freedom of movement.

5. NO UNDUE AGGRESSION against members of the Sword Experience staff, or other attendees, will be tolerated at any time. Be respectful of the people around you, their opinions, culture and religious beliefs. The Sword Experience is not there to satisfy egos, it is designed to train, build friendships, and create a memory of a lifetime.

6. PLEASE. Also, do take into account the general atmosphere. The time to NOT show off your swords is when everybody is over enthusiastically jubilant and care-free. When people are in elevated moods, they often times suppress cautionary inhibitions and it's so easy for someone in a playful mood to suddenly lapse into a parody of the latest sword martial arts move and without thinking cause someone damage.